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Who designs our stickers?

All designs are made in house or have been commissioned by us.

Most of our designs have been created by small, local Australian artists.

How do we make our stickers?

We use top of the market Roland printing equipment to print our designs onto high quality Australia vinyl.

Once the stickers are printed our team works to peel, cut and hand package our stickers to order.

How much is shipping?

We currently provide FREE untracked shipping for all our products.

How long do vinyl stickers last?

Our stickers will last 3+ years on cars, windows etc etc. However, as all stickers will; if you are frequently touching the surface of the vinyl sticker then the ink will start to fade, to avoid this we suggest not putting the sticker in a 'high touch' area like the back of your phone.

What is sticker vinyl?

Vinyl stickers are decals that are printed and cut with a Roland SP 300v.

These vinyl stickers are also known as tattoos, vinyl or wall stickers, They can be used to decorate a room, a car, a service, or a brand on a vehicle, a sandwich board or in a shop window.

Do vinyl stickers stick to anything?

Vinyl stickers can stick to any smooth, clean surface you can basically think of. Perfect for car windows, house windows, laptops, desks, wood, plastic, perspex and metal. 

Are vinyl stickers removable?

Yes. Vinyl Stickers have a sticky glue so while they are permenant, they are also easily removable. This is because our stickers are printed on thinner vinyl and have a more aggressive adhesive. Goes on super easy and is just as easy to remove.

Do we do custom products?

Yes, we do provide custom products.

Custom designs and products need to be prearranged directly with our team before purchase.

If you are wanting to enquire about custom products, fill out a contact form and we will be in touch.


All of our earring hooks are 925 sterling silver unless otherwise specified.

How do we make our can earrings?

With all our our can earrings, we design and the labels ourselves whilst the actual blank cans themselves are bought from a  supplier. We make our can earrings to order.

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