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Our Story

If you came to this page expecting a sob story you're going to be disappointed...
We are just 2 twenty-something year olds who enjoy a few too many fruit beers & a good time with mates.
We realised that we are the perfect pair to start up a business selling sesh gear & stickers.

Meet the team

Jacob - Founder & Owner

Jacob is the brains behind it all; he manufactures all the stickers, shirts & gear as you guys order.

It pays off to have a live in tech guy....

Plus if you ever party with Jacob, prepare to be outdrank.

He's the life of the party & the sesh gremlin himself.

Brooke - Owner

All the nitty gritty details & aesthetics of it all is handled by Brooke.

She spends her time editing & designing the products you see.

Unlike Jacob, Brooke can't handle her alcohol and can be found singing along to any throwback banger at the sesh.

2 Co-Founders of Sesh Stickers Shirts

We are the faces behind Sesh, Stickers & Shirts and we are here for you if you have any questions or need a hand.
You can contact us through or fill out a contact form to give us a shout.

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